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Winged skull from tombstone

Book a spirit communication session

with me!

(They aren't spooky!)

You can currently book a session with me through Etsy, or here on the site by clicking the Book Online link above. 

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Want to share your ghost story for the podcast?

Thank you for your submission. :)

Spooky girl

Do you like spooky stories?

So do I.

My very first memory is of a ghost I saw at the age of 2. From there, I've encountered ghosts all of my life. Then, while developing my divination talents and energy healing work, I unexpectedly met more spirits. And then I realized...why wasn't I talking back? This isn't a one-way conversation. So, I started exploring mediumship.


I want to share all my stories of ghostly encounters, my work as a medium, as well as tales I've discovered from others. Since the podcast launched, I am now offering recorded spirit readings as a segment spotlight! 


Please subscribe by email for project updates and join my socials for even more spooky fun!


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